Hot Christmas Toys of 2008

For the best deals on the hottest toys of 2008 look no further than the toy locator! We've done the research for you so we know what kids are dreaming of this year (and it ain't sugar plums!)

There's something for everyone. From Elmo Live to the latest FurReal Pet and even a LIVE butterfly farm, you'll find something to make anyone happy.

The Toy Locator is proud to present the most sought after toys for the 2008 Holiday Season. Our picks range from super affordable to sorta pricey but we know we've found something to amaze everyone.

Elmo LiveLet's start strong with the newest entry in the Elmo Line-Up.


You don't need us to tell you that Elmo is the hottest toddler+ toy ever Christmas season.  This year's entry into the Elmo foray is going to be hard for fisher-price to top. This elmo sings, dances and actually interacts with your child the way the "real" elmo would.

First up us our pick for "Best Gift for Boy or Girl"

FurReal Friends Lovin PupFurReal Friends Biscuit My Lovin Pup

This is a pup who doesn't quit showing the love! He can respond to several voice commands, to light, sound and even touch! If a real dog is out of the question, this Biscuit Lovin Pup is the best solution!

Next up is our pick for "Best WAY Overpriced Gift"
And it's a tie between!:

The D-Rex Interactice Dinosaur

D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur


Pleo Dinosaur Ugobe Life Form

Both of these Interactive pets are super cool, hotly desired and sure to burn a hole through your wallet! SIDE NOTE: D-Rex also wins the award for Hardest to find toy of the 2008 holiday season!

Next is our pick for "Best Economy Gift for Boy or Girl"

The Live Butterfly Garden

Live Butterfly GardenKids love learn, so why not give them what they want!? The box comes with a butterfly garden and a mail-in certificate for your own batch of live caterpillars. Boys and girls alike will love to learn about butterflies and enjoy keeping the little guys as pets! (just don't release them into weather under 55 degrees F.

Third we have our pick for "Best Educational Gift"

The Leapfrog Didj

Leap Frog Digj Gaming SystemThis educational handheld, portable gaming system is perfect for parents who want their kids to have fun with games with being exposed to all the violence. The Didj has a ton of great, educational games that your kids will love to play.

Now for our pick of "Cutest toy of the season"

Pajama Bear

Pjama BearBrought to you by the folks at TY who forever changed the world with their loveable beanie babies, the Pajama Bear is a great inexpensive gift that you child is sure to snuggle for years to come.

Lastly, our pick for "Best Tech Toy"

EyeClops BioniCamThe EyeClops BioniCam

I just bought one of these for myself and I gotta tell you, it's a darn cool toy. Your kids will see nature in a way they never dreamed when they can magnify and record anything that peaks their interest at up to 400x magnification!

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