The top ten Christmas toys for 2011

Each and every Christmas shopping season there are hot selling toys that every kid wants and therefore they become extremely hard to find in stores. At the ToyLocator we solve that problem for you providing this quick and handy guide to the best selling toys for this Christmas 2011. Not only that but we will supply you with handy links for each toy so you can quickly locate them for sale and buy them for a great low price making sure every child on your shopping list will have a super fun Christmas morning. Rumor has it that even Santa frequents our listings when the elves get backed up.

So... without further adieu the 10 hottest toys for Christmas 2011 are:

#10. Angry Birds Toys

Angry Birds toys for saleYes, it all started as a fun game for the iPhone and now Angry Birds are sweeping the nation. Plush toys, board games, pretty much anything associated with the Angry Birds game will be hot this 2011 Christmas shopping season. I'm still wondering why the pigs want to hoard the birds eggs?

#9 Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Dolls

Whimsical, bright, silly dolls for girls with hair that's bendable, shapable, and just play funable! These dolls are fashioned after rag-dolls and are said to have personality that comes from the fabric that made them. As long as they don't have the personality of a teenager count me in!
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#8 Moshi Monsters Moshling Mini-Figures

The popular online game comes to life with these small and collectible figures that kids absolutely LOVE!
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#7 Power Wheels Dune Racer

Power Wheels Dune Racer for saleThis toy might be #7 on our list but it would be #1 on my list (if I were still a little kid). I mean seriously... what kid doesn't want their own dune buggy to drive around in? The Power Wheels Stinger XT looks just like a two-seat dune buggy, with a front storage compartment and seat belts to provide added fun. A 12V battery powers this cool ride-on toy. Large, "off-road" tires give this dune buggy Monster Traction. Your little racer can drive forward (2.5- and 5-mph, max.) and in reverse (2.5 mph). It is equipped with power-lock brakes and a high-speed lockout feature to keep it fun and safe for beginners. The Stinger XT comes with a 12V battery and a charger.
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Air Swimmers eXtreme for sale#6 Air Swimmers eXtreme

I admit, every fish I buy dies within a couple days. Not anymore! Now I can buy giant fish that float through the air entertaining my friends and family and they NEVER die. You don't need to clean their tank and all they eat is helium and occasionally a AA battery or two. These are certainly one of the most unique types of toys to come along in a long time and kids are scrambling to get these so I reccomend buying them early when they are still available.
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#5 Air Hogs Hyper Actives

No Christmas for a little boy is complete with a remote control car or two. This year remote control cars are taken to a new level with this dizzying hyper active RC machines. Smaller than most rc cars but way more fun these things can go and do just about anything! Reach scale speeds of over 450 mph! 2.4 ghz radio frequency communication for hobby inspired performance. Multi band for challenging friends. Up to 10 vehicles can run at once! Foam tires for maximum traction,and stability. Wide stance, and dune buggy inspired design enhance speed and stunt performance. Pistol grip controller charger for precision control and ultimate performance.
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My Keepon toy for sale#4 My Keepon - Little robot, big personality

My Keepon moves to any music! A microphone in My Keepon's nose allows it to hear the music you play (or the rhythms you make yourself). My Keepon listens for the tempo of the music and matches the beat with an uncanny sense of timing. You'll never get bored watching My Keepon dance to any style of music, from slow ballads, to pop music, to high-energy disco. Each performance is an original and unique interpretation.


#3 LeapPad Explorer Tablet

LeapPad Explorer tablet for sale

Kids, sorry but... you can't play with daddy's iPad. You can however play with your own computer tablet this year, it's the LeapPad Explorer tablet for kids!! Though sleek and thin, the LeapPad can withstand kids' roughhousing and dirty fingers. Designed to be flipped, shaken, and turned by little hands, the LeapPad comes with a tilt sensor for game control that puts kids in the middle of the action. A 5-inch color touch screen makes it easy for kids of all ages to learn and interact. LeapFrog LeapPad comes with a built in camera, stylus, four apps (Pet Pad, Story Studio, Art Studio, and one app of your choice), extra stylus with tether, USB cable, installation CD, quick-start guide, and instructions.

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#2 Trash Pack Garbage Truck

I can't get my kids to take out the trash but they sure do love playing with the trash. The Trash Pack Truck is a great place to store your trashies it holds over 10. Also 2 trashies are included. Trash Pack is 'The Gross Gang in your garbage.' There are over 100 to collect and swap. Collect as many as you can and try to find the rare glow in the dark trashies.

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And the hottest Christmas toy this year will be...

#1 Sesame Street Let's Rock Elmo

Let's Rock Elmo for saleThis guy is amazing isn't he? It seems like every year Elmo is near the top of the list for the most desirable toy and this year is no different. Another #1 smash hit and this year Elmo is on the top of the charts with a fun rockin' toy that kids are already placing at the top of the "Dear Santa" lists. 

Interactive and fun, Sesame Street's Let's Rock Elmo allows preschoolers to make music with the beloved Muppet character. Designed for children 18 months to four years, this easy-to-operate Elmo toy encourages aspiring musicians to join him as he sings and plays six rollicking and educational songs.

This toy's ability to interact will delight young Elmo fans. This Elmo does a great job of encouraging children to join him in making music. Elmo's rocking version of the Alphabet Song makes learning the ABCs fun, while other songs encourage physical activity such as dancing, jumping, and clapping.


And that's it for another Christmas hot list.

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